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  1. It sucks, I get home at 8:20 pm and Survivor starts at 8pm so I either have to stay up till midnight to watch it or wait till the next day when I can watch it for free at my friends. I’ll be dropping after this season of Survivor, not worth the 10 bucks a month for one show.

    • @Cathy
      If it’s only for one show, why are you paying the commercial free rate? And why can’t you watch it the next day at home? Where is your “friend” getting it from? If from next day on demand on All Access, why can’t you watch it at home? IF your moaning about having to stay up until midnight is true, you could watch the next day after work at home or maybe get up a little earlier and watch before going to work. Nothing of what you said makes sense.

    • EXACTLY!! been trying to figure out how to add shows etc so I don’t have to search for everything. Only time they gave that option was when you first set up the account, and ask you to “add at least xx shows..”


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