Sling TV

Business Insider Shows How NOT to Cut the Cord

Business Insider writer tries to cut the cord but runs right back into the arms of high-cost cable. Here's why he did it the wrong way.

Is It Time Hulu Stopped Calling Their Live TV Service ‘Beta’?

Hulu with Live TV offers a wide range of channels, but it's still wracked with technical issues. Nonetheless, nearly one year on, should Hulu finally drop the "Beta" label?
Cloverfield Paradox

‘Cloverfield Paradox’ Proves “Straight to SVOD” is a Growing Trend

'Cloverfield Paradox' may not have succeeded with either critics or fans, but the film's "straight to Netflix" method is likely a trend we'll only see more of in the coming years.

ESPN Plus Will Likely Struggle Out of the Gate in a...

ESPN Plus will only cost $4.99 per month, but can ESPN convince you to sign up? Chances are the service will struggle to convince users to pay the additional cost.
Netflix Subscription Price

Google Trends Data Shows Hulu’s Missed Opportunity to Beat Netflix

A quick search on Google Trends shows that we search for Netflix far more often than other services. Yet a look back in time shows Hulu may have missed its chance to become the top performer.
Netflix and iQIYI

No, Netflix and iQIYI Are Nothing Alike – Here’s Why

Western investors and media like to call iQIYI the “Netflix of China”. Beyond being streaming video providers, however, Netflix and iQIYI (pronounced “ee-chee-yee”) are...
Subscription Fatigue

How Subscription Fatigue Will Create A New Cable Company

Consumers got what they wanted when streaming video let them cut the cord. Unfortunately, greater choice has a downside. The proliferation of subscription streaming...