Clikia TV

Clikia TV is a Sketchy OTT Service and You Should Probably...

Clikia TV wants you to believe it's the next big thing. However, nobody's even heard of the service, and a quick glance at its website raises some serious red flags.

ESPN Plus Will Likely Struggle Out of the Gate in a...

ESPN Plus will only cost $4.99 per month, but can ESPN convince you to sign up? Chances are the service will struggle to convince users to pay the additional cost.
Cloverfield Paradox

‘Cloverfield Paradox’ Proves “Straight to SVOD” is a Growing Trend

'Cloverfield Paradox' may not have succeeded with either critics or fans, but the film's "straight to Netflix" method is likely a trend we'll only see more of in the coming years.
Netflix Subscription Price

Google Trends Data Shows Hulu’s Missed Opportunity to Beat Netflix

A quick search on Google Trends shows that we search for Netflix far more often than other services. Yet a look back in time shows Hulu may have missed its chance to become the top performer.
Made in Abyss Anime Strike Amazon Prime Video

Finding Anime in Prime Video is Now a Chore Without Strike

Amazon merging its Anime Strike channel into its prime-included library was a great idea. However, the company's messy user interface now makes finding anime far more difficult on its app.
Netflix JustWatch

Like the New Flixable Site? Here Are a Few Others That...

The internet exploded last week over the announcement of Flixable, a Netflix searching site. However, there are more sites out there that do the same thing - and sometimes do it better.
Amazon Vs. Netflix

It’s time to call it quits on Netflix in the U.S....

After more than a decade as a Netflix user in the U.S., it's time to cancel my service. Amazon is winning, with no sign of slowing down.