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FuboTV Just Raised Its Subscription Prices

Live TV streaming service fuboTV raised its prices nationwide without much fanfare last week. The price hike only affects new subscribers. Update: Flixed has confirmed...
Illegal Kodi Box

Illegal “Fully Loaded” Kodi Boxes Sellers Are Everywhere

Recently, Netflix, Amazon and Hollywood recently teamed up to file a lawsuit against TickBox - an American internet vendor that specializes in “fully loaded” Kodi...
Amazon Vs. Netflix

It’s time to call it quits on Netflix in the U.S....

After more than a decade as a Netflix user in the U.S., it's time to cancel my service. Amazon is winning, with no sign of slowing down.
Kickass Torrents

What Does Kickass Torrents’ Fate Mean for Kodi’s Future?

What Does Kickass Torrents' Fate Mean for Kodi's Future? Every few years, the U.S. government decides to go on a television streaming binge. However, their...

TVAddons Website Goes Live Briefly, Amidst Stiff Community Skepticism

A TVAddons domain suddenly went online on July 29, sparking serious debate in the Kodi community as to whether the site was legitimate or a "honeypot".

Who Needs Cable? Broadcast TV makes a comeback.

Digital over-the-air broadcasting is changing how we view television. Everything that was once possible with a digital cable signal is now possible through OTA...
Hulu Random Episode

We’ve created a tool that adds a ‘Random Episode’ button to...

Our team at Flixed is proud to announce that we've created a new tool that will fill the gap for one of Hulu's most...
CBS All Access Price

Want CBS All Access for Cheap? Don’t Use it Through Amazon

CBS All Access may be available on Amazon Prime now, but it's also the most expensive option. Those who want to view CBS All Access with ads and save money will need to stick to the regular option.
Charter Spectrum

Leaked Memo Shows Charter Customers Getting Netflix on Set-Top Boxes

A leaked company memo reveals that Charter plans to bring Netflix to its set-top boxes in 2018. Customers will be able to access Netflix directly from their Charter equipment.
Clikia TV

Clikia TV is a Sketchy OTT Service and You Should Probably...

Clikia TV wants you to believe it's the next big thing. However, nobody's even heard of the service, and a quick glance at its website raises some serious red flags.