Syfy on Hulu

Syfy to Livestream Comic Con Coverage

Syfy announced an expansion of its streaming commitment to sci-fi and anime fandom. This year, Syfy's Comic Con livestreams will bring the Comic Con...
Hulu Fox

Disney-Comcast Battle Over Fox Leaves Hulu Future in Question

Just when we thought Disney had 21st Century Fox in the bag, it appears that Comcast may be angling to start a bidding war over the TV giant.
Clikia TV

Clikia TV is a Sketchy OTT Service and You Should Probably...

Clikia TV wants you to believe it's the next big thing. However, nobody's even heard of the service, and a quick glance at its website raises some serious red flags.
FuboTV ifc

FuboTV Leaps Into More Markets As Local TV Coverage Grows

Grab your jerseys, sports fans: fuboTV has now expanded its local TV affiliate options. The sports streaming service now covers the largest U.S. markets with FOX, NBC, and CBS affiliates.
Machinima on YouTube

Machinima Refocuses On Gaming With New eSports Content

Machinima unveiled its new brand image today, but the changes at the gaming-centric network go deeper than a new logo and color palette. More...
Riverdale on Netflix

Hollywood to Netflix: We Love You We Hate You We Love...

Hollywood’s love-hate relationship with Netflix is getting complicated. Recent reports highlight how Netflix benefits traditional TV networks while undermining them at the same time. Loving...
The last cable subscriber

Advertisers Are Ditching TV for Streaming Services

As cord-cutting undermines the traditional pay TV industry, media companies and advertisers are scrambling to develop new streaming ad strategies. What that means for cord-cutters...
YouTube TV Prices

Buzzfeed Yanks Story Covering YouTube TV Price Increases

New and old YouTube TV customers are soon going to pay $5 more per month, while also receiving an influx of new channels.
Comcast FCC internet access

FCC Report Shows What We Already Knew: U.S. Broadband is Still...

Still struggling with slow speeds and a lack of choice from your U.S. broadband provider? A new FCC reports shows U.S. broadband access is still terribly lacking.
Fubo TV Shop Your Way

FuboTV Joins With Sears’ Shop Your Way to Offer Cashback Rewards

You can now get a discount on your first year of service for fuboTV. In a press release, Sears' Shop Your Way service has announced it is offering $20 cashback in points for the first month of a fuboTV subscription, followed by $3 per month for the rest of the first year.