Cheddar Expanding its OTT Services, and More News from Cheddar AMA

'Post Cable' TV network Cheddar held a Reddit AMA with its CEO and founder, Jon Steinberg. Steinberg revealed that Cheddar plans to expand into more OTT services soon, among other interesting tidbits about the service.
Spectrum TV Choice

Spectrum’s TV Choice A La Carte Option Still Misses the Mark

Spectrum plans to go harder in offering its TV Choice a la carte option to customers. Looking at the plan, however, shows TV Choice doesn't stack up against over-the-top competitors.
The future of TV is free and 4K

Free 4K TV’s Future Demonstrated in North Carolina

The future of free 4K TV went on display this week in North Carolina when WRAL broadcasted NBC’s Olympic Coverage in 4K ultra high...
AT&T 5G wireless is on the way

Cutting The Final Cord: The Countdown To 5G Broadband

AT&T’s first 5G wireless networks will go live in a dozen US cities later this year. This next generation wireless technology could drive a new...
CBS All Access

US Cable Industry Looks Into The Abyss, The Abyss Streams Back

Cord-cutting is steadily, but slowly, eroding cable companies’ subscriber base. A new report shows signs that cable’s decline could accelerate. Futuresource Consulting announced their take...

Is It Time Hulu Stopped Calling Their Live TV Service ‘Beta’?

Hulu with Live TV offers a wide range of channels, but it's still wracked with technical issues. Nonetheless, nearly one year on, should Hulu finally drop the "Beta" label?

Post-Cable Channel Cheddar Named “Most Innovative” By Fast Company

Fast Company's "Most Innovative" companies list officially includes "post-cable" tv network Cheddar among its list of innovative companies.
Sling TV

Business Insider Shows How NOT to Cut the Cord

Business Insider writer tries to cut the cord but runs right back into the arms of high-cost cable. Here's why he did it the wrong way.
Watch MUBI

Film Students’ Free Mubi Access Will Foster Future Filmmaking

An EU-funded program will give film students free Mubi access. Unlimited streaming of important films will foster a new generation of filmmakers. The International Association...
Kabinett video art streaming

Kabinett’s Venue for Streaming Video Art is the Anti-Snapchat

A new streaming service for the art-house crowd just went live. Kabinett plans to showcase innovative video artists with an anti-Instagram, anti-Snapchat approach to...