Razer Phone

Razer Phone First Smartphone Offering HDR and Dolby 5.1 for Netflix

Those looking to streaming HDR video and Dolby 5.1 audio through a mobile device now options. Gaming lifestyle brand Razer will offer both premium digital formats through its Razer Phone.
Twitch 2017 recap

Twitch Users Streamed 6 Billion Hours Of Content

In a record year, people on Twitch streamed 6 billion hours of content. Six billion hours averages out to about 46 minutes for every person...
Kabinett video art streaming

Kabinett’s Venue for Streaming Video Art is the Anti-Snapchat

A new streaming service for the art-house crowd just went live. Kabinett plans to showcase innovative video artists with an anti-Instagram, anti-Snapchat approach to...
Stranger Things on Netflix

Netflix Tax Dies in Committee, but Will It Stay Dead?

Early today the Commonwealth of Virginia’s legislature shot down an attempt to tax streaming services like Netflix and Spotify. Even the legislator who introduced...
A fence in Europe

Politicians Keep European Streamers Geoblocked

Streamers in Europe lost a round to Netflix yesterday as the European Union exempted streaming services from anti-geoblocking rules. The decision will keep European...
Flixed Homepage

Announcing Flixed 2.0 and Cord-Cutter Express

Since starting Flixed, we've been surprised at how quickly the cord-cutting landscape has developed. There are now over a hundred streaming services in the U.S...
You get a streaming service, you get a streaming service

New Streaming Services for 2019 and 2020: The 6 Biggest Launches

Poor Netflix. Everyone in the media business seems to be going after the streaming company by launching their own service. Last year, we saw...
Xfinity Flex

Cable’s Hopeless Fight to Stem Subscriber Losses

Cable and satellite TV providers are losing millions of subscribers every year as their customers decide to switch to streaming TV services. In response,...
Netflix and iQIYI

No, Netflix and iQIYI Are Nothing Alike – Here’s Why

Western investors and media like to call iQIYI the “Netflix of China”. Beyond being streaming video providers, however, Netflix and iQIYI (pronounced “ee-chee-yee”) are...
vudu best free streaming services

These Companies Think Free-with-Ads is Streaming’s Future

With so many subscription video on demand (SVOD) services competing for consumers’ wallets, media industry heavyweights are betting that “free” is a better strategy....