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US Cable Industry Looks Into The Abyss, The Abyss Streams Back

Cord-cutting is steadily, but slowly, eroding cable companies’ subscriber base. A new report shows signs that cable’s decline could accelerate. Futuresource Consulting announced their take...

Is It Time Hulu Stopped Calling Their Live TV Service ‘Beta’?

Hulu with Live TV offers a wide range of channels, but it's still wracked with technical issues. Nonetheless, nearly one year on, should Hulu finally drop the "Beta" label?

Post-Cable Channel Cheddar Named “Most Innovative” By Fast Company

Fast Company's "Most Innovative" companies list officially includes "post-cable" tv network Cheddar among its list of innovative companies.
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Business Insider Shows How NOT to Cut the Cord

Business Insider writer tries to cut the cord but runs right back into the arms of high-cost cable. Here's why he did it the wrong way.
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Film Students’ Free Mubi Access Will Foster Future Filmmaking

An EU-funded program will give film students free Mubi access. Unlimited streaming of important films will foster a new generation of filmmakers. The International Association...
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Kabinett’s Venue for Streaming Video Art is the Anti-Snapchat

A new streaming service for the art-house crowd just went live. Kabinett plans to showcase innovative video artists with an anti-Instagram, anti-Snapchat approach to...

BritBox Expands British TV in Canada

The BBC and ITV rolled out their over-the-top streaming service BritBox to Canadians last week. With exclusive series and classic episodes, BritBox aims to...
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Soccer’s Shifting Sands of Streaming Services

We’re seeing shifts in the approaches leagues take to soccer streaming. Spain’s top-tier soccer league, La Liga, will launch its own streaming service in...

The Friday Cord-Cutter: YouTube Price Hike, Anime Streaming and More

Seven days doesn’t seem like a long time, but it’s an eternity in the world of streaming. Over the past week we’ve seen more...
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CBS Streaming Strategy Sets Course to the Future

Streaming will play an ever-growing role at CBS. Executives provided details about the network's new streaming strategy to Wall Street yesterday. CBS chose to approach streaming in...