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Netflix VPNs are not dead – Region Hopping Returns

When Netflix announced an open war on virtual private networks, most users, VPN and DNS services were skeptical. Several months later, many of the...

Introducing CheckFlix – Access American Netflix Again!

Today, the AddonHQ team is proud to announce the launch of CheckFlix! As many of you may know, Netflix instituted a VPN crackdown about a...
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Pure Flix: A Niche Streaming Success. Interview with CEO Greg Gudorf

After just two years, attracted 250,000 subscribers and increasing media attention. CEO Greg Gudorf explain why.
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Have Library Card, Will Stream: 4 Major Library Systems Join Kanopy

This week, four major library systems in the United States and Canada joined the Kanopy video streaming network. The library systems in the news this...
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Why Is Netflix Struggling In Asia, and Who Are They Competing...

Netflix has the world in its sights. After a recent global expansion that began in 2016, Netflix is now available in nearly 200 countries and...

Study: Which Netflix Countries Get the Best Movies First?

American Netflix subscribers often get the short end of the stick when it comes to watching new movies on Netflix - and sometimes we miss...

Theta Network Aims to Revolutionize Video Streaming with Blockchain

At the end of November, Theta Labs announced the Theta Network - a new decentralized video infrastructure for the web that has the potential...

Exodus Support Officially Dropped, According to Developer COLDFIRE

Developer COLDFIRE, who picked up Exodus Kodi addon development after Smash and TVAddons, has officially dropped support for the addon.

YouTube TV Now Available on Roku, But There’s a Catch

At long last, you can now get YouTube TV on your Roku device or Roku TV. Unfortunately, there is still no official YouTube TV channel. Instead, you'll need to use the casting feature.
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Philo: Who Exactly Is The New TV Streaming Service For?

Philo has entered the streaming TV market with much fanfare and the halo of a former Facebook founder at the helm. It offers a “skinny...