Sundance Now offers a carefully-curated catalog of films, documentaries and TV shows that appeal to discerning cord cutters. For a low monthly or annual fee, you get access to the full catalog without any in-stream advertising. Should you decide the content is not for you, you can cancel Sundance Now in a few easy steps — but not as easy as other streaming services. 


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How to Cancel Your Sundance Now Subscription

The only way to cancel a Sundance Now subscription is through the streaming service’s website. Unlike other services, you cannot cancel your subscription through the company’s own apps. Having said that, the cancellation procedure is straightforward.

Simply enter the My Account page of the Sundance Now website and scroll down to the Membership Settings section. In the lower right hand side you will see (in small font size) the option to “Cancel Membership”.

Canceling Sundance Now
Source: Sundance Now

In a much larger font, Sundance Now asks if you really, really want to cancel your subscription.

Are you sure?
Source: Sundance Now

Can I restart my Sundance Now subscription later?

You can always renew your subscription later on which comes in handy when you plan to travel for an extended period. It also helps manage your streaming subscriptions. Juggling streaming subscriptions is one way to minimize the cost of your TV-watching.

Sundance Now
7-day free trial
$6.99 / month

150+ titles

Original shows

1 simultaneous stream

At some point, you will have watched everything worth watching in the Sundance Now catalog. Rather than keep paying the monthly bill, you can cancel the subscription and renew it once fresh content is available. Cycling between streaming services helps keep your total streaming spend below what you would have paid for a cable subscription.

Are there are any good Sundance Now alternatives?

Riviera on Sundance Now
Source: Sundance Now

They say that we are living in a Golden Age of TV when more high-quality content is available than ever before. Finding that content, however, is the biggest challenge for today’s cord cutters.

Sundance Now’s strength is the distinctive approach it has taken to curating a particular kind of content. If programs like The Little Drummer Girl or Law & Order UK rank high on your list of must-see shows, then Sundance Now has few direct competitors. If those kinds of shows leave you cold, then you wouldn’t be considering it in the first place.

Bigger streaming services like Netflix and Amazon have content that’s comparable to shows on Sundance Now, but finding that content is much more difficult. You have to wade through completely different titles and hope that the algorithm brings the right content to your attention.

For films and documentaries, you have pure-play options like CuriosityStream, Docsville, the Criterion Channel, MUBI and more. You can learn more about these and other narrowly-focused streaming services by reading our article “How to Cut the Cord Part 4 – Exploring Niche Streaming Services”.

One way Flixed has tried to make finding streaming services easier is by creating Cord-Cutter Express. We use your favorite channels and streaming devices to identify the streaming television service that’s the best fit for you.

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