Pure Flix has a month-long subscription, but after that ends, you may find that the service is not what you really want. Not to worry: you can cancel your Pure Flix subscription quickly and easily in just a few short steps.

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How to Cancel Your Pure Flix Subscription

To cancel your Pure Flix subscription, you’ll need to load the service via a web browser. Based on user complaints and our research, we find that you cannot cancel your Pure Flix subscription through its dedicated apps. 

Here’s how to cancel your subscription through a web browser.

1. Open your Pure Flix account on a laptop or desktop computer

2. Hover over “person” symbol on the top right

pure flix review 2019 cancel
Source: Pure Flix

3. Click on “My Account”

4. Under “My Account”, select “Membership”

cancel pure flix subscription 2019
Source: Pure Flix

5. Scroll down and click on “Cancel my membership”

cancel pureflix subscription 2019
Source: Pure Flix

6. Next, confirm your cancellation

cancel pure flix subscription 2019
Source: Pure Flix

7. Make sure you get the “Membership cancelled” pop-up

cancel pure flix subscription
Source: Pure Flix

8. Also, verify that your account status has changed

cancel pure flix subscription 2019
Source: Pure Flix

Can I restart my Pure Flix subscription later?

You can restart your Pure Flix subscription at any time. The service will keep your account information around until you’re ready to sign up for a subscription again. 

Are there are any good Pure Flix alternatives?

Pure Flix is a unique subscription service that offers Christian themed content. There are very few alternatives that exist for this type of service, although some do. You may want to consider options such as the Dove Channel and UP Faith and Family. If you need even more options, check out our list of 100+ streaming services.

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