Yesterday, Business Insider writer Antonio Villas-Boas explained how cord-cutting didn’t work for him. In the piece, he details his one month experience with Sling TV that he says ultimately drove him back to cable. However, Villas-Boas may have come to a different conclusion if he’d gone a bit further with his experiment.

The Business of Cord-Cutting

According to Villas-Boas, the reason he initially attempted to cut the cord was a familiar story for many other cord-cutters. “After looking at my monthly cable TV bill one day, I thought: I’m paying $100 a month for cable TV, not including internet,” he wrote. His solution was to dive into the ever-popular Sling TV service for a month.

Villas-Boas found Sling TV Orange had a lot of what he was looking for: low cost, loads of channels, little to no buffering, and a DVR option.

However, he apparently drew the line at two points: lack of live TV pausing and a few missing channels. As a result, Villas-Boas went crawling back to cable.

The only problem is that he really didn’t need to.

Flexibility is Key

Villas-Boas could have found what he needed by searching around a bit more. For example, he wasn’t happy that Sling did not have TLC, PBS, Discovery, or the Smithsonian Channel. Adding Philo to his lineup would give him TLC and Discovery. Meanwhile, PBS and the Smithsonian Channel both have all of their content easily available online and through individual apps.

As for live TV pausing and ad-skipping, Villas-Boas states that he relied on his TiVo to do that, but a $2/month subscription to PlayOn would have covered his needs.

Villas-Boas’ foray into cord-cutting was admirable but lacked the proper depth to effectively encompass how cord-cutting works. Still, his efforts do show the frustrations may new cord-cutters may have as far as giving up some of the conveniences of high-cost cable packages.

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