The Bubbles Kodi addon is one of the hottest, newest Kodi addons on the block. This TV and movie streaming addon takes a very different approach to Kodi streaming, although it does combine many popular elements that Kodi users often want. If you’re trying to figure out how to install Bubbles on Kodi, you may get a bit lost. This guide will help you through the Bubbles installation and setup process.

Below, we’ve laid out where you can find the Bubbles Kodi addon, how to install Bubbles on Kodi, and some helpful information regarding everything that Bubbles has to offer. We also provide a few tips regarding the different paid services that Bubbles relies on, as well as some very necessary warnings for those who intend to use paid services with Bubbles.

Disclaimer: This guide is intended to help readers access content they already have purchased the rights to access, but are for whatever reason unable to access either temporarily, or permanently. does not support piracy and bears no responsibility for what you decide to do with the information provided in this article. Furthermore, please note that in no way hosts, develops, or produces any of the software mentioned within this article. We also do not support the use, distribution or purchase of fully-loaded Kodi boxes or other pirate streaming devices. For more information, please see our full disclaimer here.

Before we Proceed

We highly recommend using a VPN when using Kodi. Kodi users have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV shows through various addons. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is IPVanish - a complete privacy solution for Kodi users. It's also worth noting that purchasing a 12 month subscription will give you two months free.

IPVanish and Kodi

How to Install Bubbles on Kodi

You can find the Bubbles Kodi addon in three different locations: the official Bubbles repository, the Simply Caz repository, and the SuperRepo repository. However, at this time of writing, we’ve discovered that attempting to install Bubbles via the Simply Caz Repo or the SuperRepo repository will not work. As such, your best bet is to utilize the official Bubbles Repository.

To install Bubbles from the official repository, do the following:

  • Go to the Bubbles home page,

Install bubbles addon on Kodi

  • Click on Download Repo (if nothing happens, keep clicking it until the download starts)
  • Open up Kodi
  • Highlight Addons on the left
  • At the top of the screen, click on My Addons

bubble kodi addon

  • Click on the ellipses (…) at the top

install bubbles on kodi

  • Click on Install from zip

install from zip

  • Locate your download folder and find the file you downloaded: (The X’s stand for version numbers, which may change.)

bubbles kodi addon

  • Click on the repository zip file to install it
  • Go back to your screen with Install from zip, and then click on Install from repository
  • Locate the Bubbles Repository 1 folder and click on it


  • Click on Video Addons
  • Click on Bubbles


  • Select Install

Bubbles may also install or update the Quasar addon in the process. Once it’s complete, you should be able to find the Bubbles addon with your other Kodi video addons.

Bubbles Kodi Addon Review


Most addons don’t require their own configuration wizard. Bubbles, however, is designed to be used with a variety of different paid services. Most specifically, Bubbles integrates with Premiumize, EasyNews, and RealDebrid. We’ll describe each of these services below this section.

When you first open up Bubbles, you immediately receive the option to run through a setup wizard. The primary purpose of this is to optimize your addon for functionality and to setup your paid service accounts to work with Bubbles.

Even if you are not currently using any paid services, we recommend running the wizard. It will give you a good idea of what Bubbles has to offer regarding features, and will help you maximize your streaming potential and the overall usefulness of the addon. Should you choose to skip the setup wizard, you can go back and adjust your settings from the main menu under Tools.

The setup wizard takes about 10 minutes to cycle through, and takes you through two dozen different screens asking you how you want certain features, whether you want to enable some features, and taking you through the process to setup different paid and free accounts.

For example, one setup wizard option asks if you want to activate a Fanart account:


All settings that the configuration wizard cycles through are optional. You can choose to skip any of them or choose the default configuration.

At one point during the wizard setup, Bubbles will throw out a message saying you don’t need to use a VPN with torrent and Usenet:

Do not take this advice. While we cannot verify the quality of the VPN services provided by EasyNews and Premiumize, we recommend users take privacy into their own hands. Dedicated VPN services will help ensure privacy while streaming online.

After the many setup windows, your configuration wizard will be complete, and you can start using Bubbles.

Inside Bubbles

Bubbles has a very slim menu. Inside, you’ll find options for Movies, Shows (TV), Docus (documentaries), Shorts and Kids. The submenus for each of those (with the exception of Kids) all look very similar. You’ll have the option to look through your favorites, new arrivals, categories, list, or people. Further into each section, you have options such as Award WinnersMost Popular, and Highest Rated.


When opening up different streams, you’ll find that Bubbles scrapes from over 200 different sources for each film or movie you choose, checking to see if there’s an available stream for that source. You’ll see relevant data on the screen as Bubbles scrapes to find that information, including how many 1080p films have been located, how many providers have the stream, and overall how many sources have been checked.

Once the list is compiled, Bubbles takes you to a new screen where you’ll see all of the options you have available for that movie or TV show. Given that Bubbles focuses heavily on torrents, the majority of the options you are likely to see are for torrents, which will include the number of seeders available for that torrent stream.

You can find the more traditional RTSP streams in the list you’re given as well, and any Usenet options if you have an EasyNews or Premiumize account activated.

However, what sets Bubbles apart is all of the paid service integrations. Without those, Bubbles is only a slight improvement over other similar services such as Exodus, Elysium (formerly Zen), or SolarMovie. Click here to read more about some of those alternatives.

If you do not plan to use a paid service, we highly recommend you use one of the other options.

What Are Paid Content Providers?

Paid providers are those that offer access to various types of content for a price. Bubbles integrates with three well-known content providers.

Generally speaking, those paid providers simply have access to more streaming options than what are available online for free. The reason some users turn to paid streams is that they are more likely to find working streams, higher-quality streams, and streams that have much better loading times.

However, we do not recommend that you utilize RealDebrid or Premiumize. RealDebrid and Premiumize sell access to content in secure, cryptographically-locked file locations, which may be illegal in your country. 

Additionally, before purchasing an account with paid services for watching premium content, consider the overall price and value. In some cases, you may be better off sticking to free services, and putting the money you may spend on services like RealDebrid, EasyNews, and Premiumize toward a more legitimate service such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

What is EasyNews?

EasyNews is a Usenet service that can integrate with the Bubbles Kodi addon to provide more streaming options. Usenet is a type of distributed service network that preceded torrenting. Usenet is now gaining popularity again after many years, although you generally have to pay a fee to access Usenet, whereas most torrenting sites and services are free of charge.

To learn more about Usenet and how it differs from torrenting, click here.

What is Premiumize?

Premiumize is a paid service that offers access to many different premium services. According to their site, Premiumize allows you to:

  • Unlock file hosts
  • Torrent in the cloud
  • Fetch usenet files
  • Utilize their private VPN

When integrating with Bubbles, Premiumize offers mostly torrent files, although you can access a large number of Usenet files through the service as well. As per our comment above, we do not recommend purchasing an account with Premiumize, as such services may be illegal in your country.

As per our comment above, we do not recommend purchasing an account with Premiumize, as such services may be illegal in your country. 

What is RealDebrid?

RealDebrid describes itself as an “unrestricted downloader that allows you to download files instantly and at the best of your internet speed.” RealDebrid integrates with a large number of different Kodi addons, such as Specto and Exodus. Many Kodi members utilize RealDebrid to access more streaming options through their addons.

As stated earlier, purchasing a subscription to a service like RealDebrid may be illegal in your country. AddonHQ does not recommend purchasing a subscription to this service. 

Why Does Bubbles Need Quasar?

Bubbles relies heavily on torrent streaming to work. Quasar is one of the most widely-used torrenting addons available. While Quasar is a stand-alone addon, Bubbles relies on the code inside of Quasar to work.

This means that Bubbles use Quasar as a dependency. In Kodi, dependencies are different plugins that other addons use to make some of their own functions work. This is not an uncommon practice. For example, many different Kodi addons rely on the Youtube Kodi plugin to work.

Should you already have a version of Quasar installed, when you click to install Bubbles, it will check to see if Quasar is also installed. If it’s not there, Bubbles may install it without your permission. If it’s installed, but not updated, Bubbles may also update it without your permission. The updating will occur even if you have auto-updates turned off, as this will be counted in Kodi as a manual update.

Your Bubbles addon does not need Quasar to work, however, as it can use the common real time streaming protocol sites to stream videos. You will find many of these non-torrent and non-Usenet options available for many TV shows and films listed in Bubbles.

Bubbles loads available streaming lists slowly. Is there a fix?

As Bubbles not only pulls from available streams but also integrates with different paid services, the number of available streams you’re going to get for some content is huge. This creates a problem for the plugin, as pulling in that much information is going to be extremely slow.

To fix this problem, your best bet is to deactivate or decrease the number of providers that Bubbles is trying to pull in to show you. You can find your provider options by going to Tools from the main menu, then Providers, and then Settings. From there, you can choose to deactivate any providers that you don’t want Bubbles pulling in to show you when streams are available.

If you’re not using torrents or do not plan to use torrents of any kind, deactivate any of the torrent providers. The fastest way to do this is to go to Torrents Open and deactivate it. If you don’t want any Usenet options showing up either, you can go to where it says Usenet Open and deactivate that one as well.

To ensure this process works, make sure to hit “OK” to exit out of the settings. If you hit escape, your new settings won’t take, and you’ll still receive options for torrents. After disabling different providers, you’ll notice a distinct increase how fast Bubbles scrapes through the providers to find streams.

There are other things you can do to fix slow loading lists as well. For example, you can enable the Provider Optimization feature in the settings, which takes into account your hardware, connection speed, and enabled providers so that you’ll only receive a selection of options instead of all possible ones.

I skipped the automatic setup wizard. Can I manually do setup after getting a paid service?

Yes, you can. If you decide later that you want to use one of the paid services that Bubbles integrates with, you can go back and add these services in. Simply go to Tools from the main menu in Bubbles, and then click on Accounts. You will see an option for the three primary paid accounts that integrate with Bubbles: Premiumize, RealDebrid, and EasyNews. From there, go to Settings.

In settings, scroll down to locate each specific account you want to use, and enable it. Once enabled, you can enter in your user information. What type of information each requires is slightly different. For example, Premiumize requires a User ID and a Pin, while RealDebrid requires device authentification using a Token.