In all of the activity over cord-cutting, almost everyone is focused on entertainment channels like AMC, or sports networks like ESPN. But many cord-cutters seek out sports and entertainment, only to realize that they might be missing their favorite news channels. That includes attempting to access the business-focused channel Bloomberg TV without cable.

Bloomberg is a must-have for many TV viewers, so a few of the cord-cutting “skinny bundles” include the news network as part of their regular channel packages.

Unfortunately, Bloomberg TV is a rarity even among the growing number of cord-cutting skinny bundle TV services, meaning you’ll have slim pickings when it comes to which services to explore.

If you’re looking to ensure you get Bloomberg alongside your other skinny bundle TV channels, this guide should help you decide exactly which services to consider.

Bloomberg, Skinny Bundles, and the Cord-Cutting Revolution

You’ll see us mention the term “skinny bundle” a lot in this piece and other articles on our site. When we say “skinny bundle,” what we’re referring to are TV services that sell slimmed down TV channel packages that can be streamed live online through any adequate internet connection.

Traditional cable TV services typically sell you a large channel package that consists of hundreds of channels –  at a high cost. Often, you only get the handful of channels you want only after purchasing a cable TV subscription that includes far more channels than you actually desire or use. Even worse, many cable TV services are also internet service providers (ISPs) who bundle TV and internet services together.

The end result, for you, is being forced to pay $100-$200 or more per month, just to get cable TV and internet.

But many TV subscribers have started “cutting the cord,” by utilizing services such as Sling TV, Philo, and DirecTV Now that offer a smaller number of must-have TV networks for a much lower cost. Unlike traditional cable, you don’t need extra equipment to watch these channels, nor do you need to sign a lengthy contract. All skinny bundle TV services are month-to-month with no long-term commitments.

As for Bloomberg, you’ll find that it and other news networks are popular enough to be included among the many channel packages offered by popular skinny bundle services. Sling TV, for example, provides Bloomberg TV in its cheapest, $20-per-month package, alongside 25+ other channels.

In all, you’ll find there’s a good amount of variety for cord-cutters who want to watch Bloomberg TV alongside their other favorite entertainment and sports networks.

Your Top 4 Options to Watch Bloomberg

We mentioned that your options for Bloomberg TV among skinny bundle services were fairly slim, and we weren’t kidding. Here are your top 2 options for skinny bundles that offer Bloomberg TV, with an additional option that you may also want to consider.

Sling TV

bloomberg tv without cable
Source: Sling TV

Sling TV is going to be your best option if you’re looking to get Bloomberg TV as well as a handful of other cable networks.

Pricing and channels

You can access Bloomberg TV through the Sling TV’s cheapest package. At just $25-per-month, Sling Orange provides a healthy selection of popular cable TV channels that you can enjoy whenever Bloomberg’s financial-focused news is starting to get a bit depressing.

Sling Orange also offers quality entertainment and lifestyle channels, such as AMC, HGTV, TBS, and History. If you’re in the mood for sports, Sling Orange gives you all of the core ESPN channels.

 Sling OrangeSling BlueSling Orange + Blue
Simultaneous Streams134*
Fire TV SupportYesYesYes
Roku SupportYesYesYes
* You get one stream with Sling Orange and up to 3 simultaneous streams with Sling Blue.

Sling offers more than just Sling Orange, however. Should you want to explore more entertainment, sports, and even news TV options, Sling Blue provides an expanded selection of channels for $25-per-month. Through Sling Blue, you’ll still get Bloomberg but will also find several local TV networks (FOX, NBC), more entertainment channels, such as A&E, and a different selection of sports channels (Fox Sports 1 and 2, in this case).

For those who don’t want to pick between these two channel packages, Sling combines them through its $40-per-month Sling Orange + Blue package. You’ll get all 50+ channels that Sling TV offers.

Sling TV also offers some add-on services that let you expand your channel package. That includes a news addon for additional news networks, as well as comedy channels, more sports channels, an expanded selection of entertainment channels, and a plethora of international TV networks.

Additional features

To round it off, Sling TV is available on almost any device you might want to use. You can stream Sling TV through a web browser, or you can use one of a growing number of devices. Sling TV works with many smart TVs, as well as popular streaming devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV devices, and has an app for both Android and iOS.

Sling TV offers no DVR as part of the price. If you want to record your shows, you’ll need to shell out $5 per month for a 50-hour DVR option.

The service also offers a somewhat confusing simultaneous streaming option. With Sling Orange, you’ll only get one device stream at a time. With Sling Blue, you’ll get 3. But with Sling Orange + Blue, you won’t get any additional streams, and you’ll actually be restricted to 1 or 3 streams, depending on whether the channel falls under Sling Orange or Sling Blue.

Nevertheless, Sling TV is still a strong contender in the market because of its massive device support, low cost, and selection of channels.

DirecTV Now

bloomberg without cable
Source: DirecTV Now

We know what you might be thinking: “Isn’t DirecTV an expensive satellite TV service?” Yes and no. DirecTV has not dropped its cable-through-satellite TV service. It has, however, hedged its current relationships with popular TV networks to offer a skinny bundle service called DirecTV Now.

Pricing and channels

DirecTV Now is one of the two skinny bundle services that offer Bloomberg TV. Like like Sling TV, you will find Bloomberg TV in the cheapest channel package that DirecTV Now offers, the $40-per-month “Live a Little” channel package.

Alongside getting Bloomberg TV, you’ll also over 60 other TV channels. That includes a load of popular entertainment, lifestyle, and sports channels. AMC, Comedy Central, TBS, and History are among the entertainment channels offered through “Live a Little,” and you’ll also get ESPN, ESPN 2, and FOX Sports 1, among other quite a few others.

Outside of the “Live a Little” package, you’ll find that DirecTV has several other channel packages, with an increasingly large number of channels—and a much higher price.

You can go all the way up to the DirecTV Now’s “Gotta Have It” channel package, which provides 120+ channels for $70-per-month. That’s probably a good option if you’re a heavy TV watcher, and there are a lot of channels you want to watch.

Additional features

Regardless of which package you choose, however, you will get Bloomberg TV as part of the channel package. As for device integration, you’ll find that DirecTV Now is available across a large number of platforms.

You can use your web browser as a standard streaming option, but you can also stream DirecTV Now using any Roku device, Amazon Fire TV devices, some smart TVs, Chromecast, and most Android and iOS smartphones or tablets.

You can also stream on up to 2 devices with your package, with the option of adding a third stream for a price. DirecTV Now has a cloud DVR, but it’s limited. You’ll get a 20-hour DVR that is also limited to just 30 days before the videos disappear.


A little-known option for streaming live TV channels, is a free TV streaming service you can access from a web browser or an app, on several different devices. offers a very large selection of TV channels for free. You don’t even need to create an account to use the service. Bloomberg TV is among the free options available as well.

There’s not too much to stay about other than the simple fact that it works, and works well. Given you don’t need to pay any money or even sign up for an account, is an attractive choice for those looking to stream Bloomberg TV live and without cable.

Bloomberg Website or App

Source: Bloomberg

For those who simply want Bloomberg TV without cable and don’t want anything else alongside it, you’ll find you can stream the network for free online.

If you go to, you can find a live stream of Bloomberg TV. That link will work on any web browser. As long as you have a fast internet connection, you can stream Bloomberg’s live TV coverage.

For those who prefer to do watch live via an app, you can do so using the Bloomberg Global News Live app on Android devices, or the Bloomberg TV+ app on iOS devices.

While this is the completely free option, it’s also the less preferable one. Bloomberg’s website, unfortunately, is filled with advertisements and other background noise that makes the viewing experience less enjoyable. And while the apps work, some reviews point to the streaming quality through the apps as being poor.

Still, for a completely free option, it’s a good avenue to explore.

Sling TV vs. DirecTV Now for Bloomberg

If you’re doing a bit of a comparative analysis here, you’ll likely notice that there are some advantages to choosing DirecTV Now to get Bloomberg over Sling TV, and vice versa.

Price vs. channel options

While Sling TV is ultimately cheaper, DirecTV Now’s lowest cost package has more channels than Sling TV’s most expensive options.

That means if you’re on the fence about potentially getting the Sling Orange + Blue option, you might as well sign up for DirecTV Now’s $35-per-month “Live a Little” option. The two are very similar in what they offer, with the exception of a select few channels.

Still, if Bloomberg TV is your primary focus, and you only need a small selection of additional entertainment and sports channels, Sling TV’s $20-per-month Blue package is hard to beat. It’s a far better deal than what DirecTV Now is offering.


The two services do have some additional features which may make or break your decision. Sling TV’s large list of add-on packages make it a rather attractive option.

Sling TV considers itself an “a la carte” TV option, and it lives up to that name by offering over a dozen other add-on channel packages that you can tack on, many of which are only $5 extra per month. DirecTV has very little to offer on that end.

To its discredit, DirecTV Now still has no DVR option. This is a major mistake on DirecTV Now’s part, but it’s one they’re promising to rectify soon, with a free 20-hour DVR for all customers.

Sling TV, on the other hand, does have a DVR option that you can add for an extra $5 per month. With Sling TV’s Cloud DVR, you can record up to 50 hours of live TV for later playback.

Simultaneous screens and account sharing

Both DirecTV Now and Sling TV let more than one user share an account and stream live TV simultaneously on different devices.

With Sling TV, you only get one screen at a time with Sling Orange, the cheapest option. However, Sling Blue allows you to have 3 simultaneous streams, while Sling Orange + Blue ups that even further to 4 streams at a time, for some channels.

DirecTV Now is quite a bit stingier on the streams, however. Even the highest-cost channel package allows streaming on only 2 devices simultaneously. For those who want to share their streams, Sling TV is a clear winner.

Which service is better for Bloomberg?

So which of the two skinny bundle services is better for Bloomberg TV? That all depends on what you’re looking to get. If your primary goal is to save money, Sling TV is your best bet. However, if you want a service that offers more channels for the price, DirecTV Now is going to be right for you.

However, if features are important to your decision, Sling TV is a going to be a clear favorite. The lack of a DVR option from DirecTV is a hard pill to swallow, after all.

Bloomberg alternative

Sling TV and DirecTV Now might be the only skinny bundle services that carry Bloomberg, but you’ll find that there’s one great alternative to Bloomberg TV that has a similar financial news focus and that you will find on other streaming service options: Fox Business Channel.

Fox Business Channel

The Fox Business Channel was created to be a direct competitor to Bloomberg. Like Bloomberg TV, Fox Business provides financial news, market data, and everything in between. Unlike Bloomberg TV, you can find the Fox Business Channel on a wider selection of skinny bundles.

While you won’t find Fox Business on Sling TV, you will find it on four other skinny bundle services: DirecTV Now, YouTube TV, fuboTV, and Hulu with Live TV.

Did you find what you were looking for? If there are other options for watching Bloomberg TV that we did not explore here, please let us know!