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  1. The fact that each of the streaming services is different so means that one of them is more perfect for you and another is more perfect for me. Isn’t that what we really want? There will never be one that is the right price/channel mix for everyone… and that’s a good thing. People cut the cord to get what they want not what others want.
    For me Vue is by far the best. One thing you missed when talking about on demand for Vue and other services it that signing up for Vue or the others also gives you availability to the individual channel apps of Roku and the other players.
    Fro example, on Vue I get the ESPN channels, but I also get access to the ESPN Roku channel that allows me to streaming everything on demand that ESPN offers… including ESPN 3.
    You don’t have to tell us which one is best as long as you tells us what each offers.

  2. I am a bit biased by this review for 2 reasons.
    #1 – You failed to mention what devices you can utilize these streaming services for. Philo is fantastic in my opinion, but is a “Noob” in the era of the streaming devices it can be used on so maybe you should omit this service since you did it for FuboTV also because its “not a great alternative” since it only provides mostly sports channels. At least it’s on all streaming devices and Amazon Fire will be coming out in June or July of 2018.
    #2 – Why do you decide to play Hippity hop like at a barber shop with you review that each one is great but has its downside…did you consider how well their customer service is when there is an issue? How about downtime to restore services when there is an outage?

    Like I said, “Biased” I think they are all equally great but when it comes to the budget option based on pricing, Philo is currently $16. So if it’s not about anything but the $, Philo baby….Philo.

  3. Eric, can u share any info about Hulu live coming out of beta? Specifically if they have plans to address chronic buffering problem on live streaming?


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