If you rely on Smash’s repository or the Colossus repository for Kodi add-on updates, you may well be on the verge of pulling your hair out. Smash recently decided to delete the Colossus repository from his website. As a result, many are encountering error messages and other annoying issues.

Continue on to read:

  • How to fix repository errors related to Smash’s site change
  • Beginner advice for installing a Kodi repository
  • Our picks for the best Kodi repositories of October

Note: The first section of this article is intended to help you learn how to install Kodi builds. If you already know how to do that, use the table of contents to skip right down to the installation instructions.


Before you can get any of the repositories mentioned below, you’ll first need to download and install the free media player known as Kodi. Kodi is available on Mac, Windows, Android and many other platforms.

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Before we Proceed

We highly recommend using a VPN when using Kodi. Kodi users have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV shows through various addons. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is IPVanish - a complete privacy solution for Kodi users. It's also worth noting that purchasing a 12 month subscription will give you two months free.

IPVanish and Kodi

Kodi 101: A 5 Minute Primer

Kodi is special. Unlike most media players, Kodi is flexible enough to play just about any type of file or stream. Plus, Kodi is totally free and open source.

Nobody owns the instructions that tell the Kodi player what to do. Anyone can copy Kodi’s source code and use it in any way they want.

Kodi’s masterminds work together to improve and upgrade Kodi via a site for collaborative coding called GitHub. Most of Kodi’s core contributors are professional coders – but amateur hobbyists have helped the project along, too.

The two types of Kodi add-ons

Kodi add-ons fall into one of two different categories: official and 3rd party. Official Kodi add-ons like HDHomeRun and Plex are featured on the official Kodi site. Unofficial add-ons are hosted in many places around the web, including the sites we’ve provided links to below.

Kodi repositories

Repositories are the places where programmers store updates and installation files. If you connect to the 3rd party Kodi repositories we’ve featured below, you’ll be able to quickly download all the best add-ons and use Kodi like a pro.

Two Ways to Install a Kodi Repo

You can either install repositories in one of two ways: either directly through Kodi or with the help of a web browser.

If you have a laptop/desktop PC

Kodi’s box icon. Source: Flixed.io
  • Download the repository zip file
  • Open Kodi and click add-ons
  • Click the box icon
  • Open the zip file from within Kodi via the install from zip menu
This is what the “install from zip” menu looks like. Source: Flixed.io
  • Wait for the “Installation complete” pop-up message to appear.

That’s it! You can now use the Install from repository menu option to browse and install add-ons.

If you have a Kodi TV box

If you’re running Kodi on a Kodi TV box, you have to go through a few extra steps to install a new repository.

  • Set up a file source in Kodi’s file manager by going to gear icon → File manager → Add source.  

Here’s what the gear icon looks like:

Use the gear icon to add a source.
  • In file manager, click where it says <none> to enter in the file source URL.
  • Next, name the file source by clicking the box underneath where it says enter a name for this media source.
  • Click OK.
file manager
Using Kodi’s file manager to add a new file source. Source: Flixed.io
Kodi’s box icon. Source: Flixed.io
  • Go back to the main menu of Kodi.
  • Click Add-ons from the menu on the left, then click the box icon.
  • Select Install from zip file.
  • Click the new file source that you just set up.
  • You should see at least one repository zip file.
choose your repo
Some sites host many different repository zip files, but others only have a few. Source: Flixed.io
  • Click a repository zip file to download and install it.
  • You can now open up your new repository and explore its add-ons via Kodi’s Install from repository menu.

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The Best Kodi repositories of October 2017

Each of the repository resources listed below are verified to be up and running as of October 3rd, 2017.


colossus repo
The Colossus repository added several interesting new add-ons. Source: Flixed.io

A recent website change brought down the Colossus repository and caught many of Kodi fans off guard.

An indie Kodi developer that goes by Smash used to host Colossus, which contains the popular on-demand TV/movie add-on known as Covenant.

Recently, Colossal and Smash seem to have parted ways. The Colossus repository is no longer available on Smash’s website.

After Smash removed Colossus, Covenant broke and confusion erupted on Twitter.

covenant confusoion
Confusion erupted on Twitter when Smash’s website changed. Source: Twitter

If you have Covenant and want to fix it, delete your Colossal repository and delete Covenant. Then, install them both again using the Colossal installation link provided below.

Despite the recent shakeup, Colossus is still the best repository to go to for Covenant. A new Covenant update finally fixed its Trakt integration feature. If you use Trakt to keep track of which shows and movies you’ve watched, it’s definitely worth it to get the latest update.

Installation file

Here is the link to the official Colossal repository installation file (repository.colossus-999.999.6.zip):

github colossus
The best way to get the Colossus repository now is via GitHub. Source: GitHub

New add-ons

A new add-on called Death Streams is now available via Colossus. Death Streams is a modified version of S.A.L.T.S. (Stream All the Sources). Death Streams is worth downloading because it draws from a different pool of sources to deliver video streams compared to Covenant. If you can’t find what you want via Covenant, try Death Streams.

Another reason to get Colossus is a hot new sports add-on called Sportie. Like Pro Sport, Sportie can search Reddit for links to live games. Sportie is better than Pro Sport, though, because it requires less configuration and also contains a wealth of AceStreams links and IPTV streams.

If you’re a horror movie fan, you may want to give yet another new add-on from Colossus called Fear of the Dark a look. Fear of the Dark has a very neat yet massive library of horror films to explore. Its well-organized menus allow you to browse by year, decade and by franchise name.


All the major add-ons that we saw last month on Colossus are still present and accounted for.

Notable add-ons

Ares Repository

Colossus may have a hot new add-on in Sportie, but few programmer groups are as rock solid as Ares Project. As far as we know, Ares Project hasn’t had any notable outages since we started tracking the programming group.

The best add-on in the Ares Project repository is add-on installer Ares Wizard. Ares Wizard connects to several popular repositories including Colossus, Smash and more.

If you ever want to get a read on what’s going on in Kodi’s indie programmer community, Ares Wizard’s add-on menu is a good place to start. Whoever administers it is quick to highlight new add-ons and delete old ones that are no longer relevant.

Once you have Ares Wizard, installing new add-ons is as easy as pressing a button. Look in the program add-ons section of the Ares Project repository to get it.

File location

Here is a link to the Ares Project installation file (repository.aresproject-0.1.0.zip):

New add-ons

New additions to Ares Wizard’s featured add-on list includes two new add-ons from the Colossus repository: Death Streams and Fear of the Dark. There’s also a new Ares Project repository add-on out called Pyramid. Pyramid offers links to a potpourri of content including recent late-night TV show episodes, radio stations, shows for kids and more.


Last month we saw Bob on Ares Wizard, but it’s not there anymore. Wolfpack is still listed on the Ares Wizard catalog, but we ran into an error message when we tried to install it. (A few days ago, the Wolfpack website went dark and its main contributor morepowerllc stopped tweeting.) The on-demand TV/movie add-on Elysium has been pulled as well.

load screen
The latest version of Ares Wizard has a new branded loading screen. Source: AddonHQ

Notable add-ons

Notable builds


The coder known as Smash doesn’t have much coding experience, but he plays an important supporting role in the Kodi community.

Smash tweet
Smash is still learning how to code. Source: Flixed.io

Smash helped the Kodi community stay afloat last summer when he hosted a number of important add-ons on his website. The popular Kodi add-on hub TVAddons had dropped offline for a few weeks to prepare for a re-launch. The site was hit with two high profile lawsuits in June.

  • Note: Smash recently changed his website URL from mediarepos.net/kodistuff to mediarepos.org/kodistuff. Be sure to update your Kodi installation to reflect the change, or else you won’t be able to download updates from his add-ons.

Installation file

Here is the link to the Smash repository installation file (SmashRepo.zip):

New add-ons

Smash didn’t add any new add-ons last month. However, he did push out a working fix for 1Channel. Additionally, he updated his Exodus fork Gurzil several times – but he may have given up on trying to repair IceFilms.


We didn’t notice any removals this month.

Notable add-ons

Notable builds

  • Smash 4K

Note: For a review of the Smash 4K build, read 3 Best Kodi Builds for September 2017 – Smash 4K, Kryptikz & Misfit Mods

Noobs and Nerds

Noobs and Nerds mostly sticks to writing tutorials for various Kodi add-ons, but they also host a small repository.

File location

Here is the link to the Noobs and Nerds installation file:

New add-ons

We didn’t notice any additions to the Noobs and Nerds catalog this month. We did, however, discover this interesting repository portal on their website.

If the last modified dates are correct, the Noobs and Nerds crew started collecting repositories back in April of this year. The latest addition – Bromerzz Repo – contains opera, bagpipe, ballet and classical music related add-ons.


No major add-on removals to report here.

Notable add-ons


Kodil (aka the Kodi Israel Group Repository) used to have one of the most comprehensive collections of indie video add-ons out there – until just a few days ago. Whoever runs Kodi decided to clear out all grey-area add-ons from its archive.

Kodil now has half as many add-ons it had last month. The only add-on Kodil has that does anything interesting is USTVNow. All Kodil’s other add-ons seem to do is promote various websites. However, if you’re in the mood to experiment you may find a few interesting gems.

File location

Here is a link to the Kodil repository installation file (kodil.zip):

New add-ons

We didn’t notice any additions to the Kodil archive this month.


When we looked at Kodil in September, this repo had a whopping 842 video add-ons. Since then, the number has fallen to 372.

All of these popular add-ons have been removed from Kodil:

kodil addons
Kodil’s admins recently deleted over 400 add-ons. Source: Flixed.io

Notable add-ons


Despite having to deal with lawsuits in Canada and in the United States, the TVAddons somehow came back to life in July.

TVAddons’ revamped “clean” add-on catalog may not knock your socks off, there are a few good add-ons in the mix that are worth checking out. Another nice thing about TVAddons is its add-on installer tool Indigo.

Installation file

Here is the link to the TVAddons repository installation file (repository.xbmchub-3.0.0.zip):

New add-ons

USTVCatchup – an add-on for collecting free on-demand cable TV content from around the web – came out a few weeks back. USTVCatchup is annoying to use because of all the dead links, but if you like daytime TV shows and reality programming you may want to check it out.


We didn’t notice any major add-on removals in the TVAddons repo this month.

Notable add-ons

Top Tutorials

The sheer number of repositories you can get via the Top Tutorials site is impressive. Check out the link below to view all the repositories that the group has made available for download.

File location

The Top Tutorials team doesn’t seem to have a repository of their own on their site. However, they do host quite a few of them of them here.