Hi and welcome to yet another build roundup!  This month, we’ll be comparing 3 of the hottest and best Kodi builds for October 2017: Underdog, Durex and Megalithic.

Continue on to find out:

  • An easy way to install a Kodi build
  • What all 3 of this month’s builds look like and how they compare
  • Which build is right for you

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How to Install a Kodi Build

Before you can get any of the builds mentioned below, you’ll first need to download and install the free, open source media player known as Kodi. Kodi is available on Mac, Windows, Android and many other platforms.

Enable unknown sources

Once you install Kodi, you’ll need to enable unknown sources. Open Kodi and click the gear icon in the top left corner of the screen.

The gear icon
The gear icon. Source: Flixed.io

Then, click system settings.

System settings
System settings. Source: Flixed.io

Next click add-ons from the side menu and click the enable unknown add-ons toggle switch.

Enabling unknown add-ons.
Enabling unknown add-ons. Source: Flixed.io

Install your build wizard

A build wizard is an installer that automatically downloads and installs a Kodi build.

Here are the links for this month’s build wizard installation files:

Just download the wizard for whatever build you want to try, then click Add-ons from the left-side menu and then click the box icon.

The box icon is the leftmost icon.

Next, click Install from zip file. Find the installation zip on your computer and then open it to install the your build wizard. Once you’re in the wizard, just find the build you want and click it to initiate the download.

When the build download is complete, Kodi will reboot. The next time you open Kodi, you’ll be able to try your new build’s interface and check out its pre-installed add-ons.

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Introducing This Month’s Contenders

First up is Underdog. Underdog is a great build to try if you run Kodi on an Android box or phone. You can download and install apps via Underdog’s main menu. Underdog only has 38 add-ons, but they’re all good ones. I particularly liked a new add-on I discovered via Underdog called Nemesis. Nemesis is an all-purpose add-on that can play on-demand movies and TV shows, live TV feeds and even audiobooks. I liked Underdog’s fluid interface, integrated wizards and fast performance, too.

The second build I reviewed this month is called Durex – but don’t be fooled its odd name. Even though Durex may or may not have been intentionally named after the American condom brand, it is actually a serious sports-oriented build. Pro Sport (one of our favorite sports add-ons) is built right into Durex’s interface. Additionally, Durex’s Metalliq-powered search button allows you to quickly and easily look through all of Durex’s many video add-ons simultaneously. This saves you from having to enter separate queries into each add-on individually.

The heavyweight on our list this month is Megalithic. Megalithic is a bigger download compared to Durex and Underdog. However, bigger doesn’t always mean better when it comes to builds. Megalithic crashed repeatedly when I first started using it – but it “calmed down” later on after all its updates had finished downloading. Though Megalithic may be in need of a tune-up, if you’re a parent you may want to check out Megalithic. Megalithic is the only build I’ve encountered that comes with a pre-configured parental controls.


Underdog is strong overall. Its best menu is probably Apps, which allows you to install Mobdro. On the other hand, Underdog’s live TV and sports menus could use some work.

38 video add-ons

In addition to the outstanding new Nemesis add-on, Underdog also has several classic Kodi add-ons: SportsDevilBennu, BobBBC iPlayerCovenant and Elysium. 

Underdog also has: Now Music, Now Music USA, Live Premiership, Sports World, Boom, Fear of the Dark, Motor Replays, Cartoon Crazy, FilmOn, Football Today, Freeview, Indie Mix, iTV, Jukebox Hero, Made in Canada IPTV, Maverick TV, NBA On-demand, NHL On-demand, Planet MMA, Release Hub, The Red Pill, The Pyramid, The Music Source, UK Turk’s Playlist, Vortex, Wrestling on Demand, YouTube and more.

underdog add-ons
Underdog has a nice selection of popular and less-known video add-ons. Source: Flixed.io

Pre-installed wizards

Underdog’s wizard menu links out to two notable indie add-on/build communities: the Ares Project and Wookie.

The Ares Project is one of the largest and most influential group of indie Kodi programmers out there right now. The group’s Ares Wizard gives you instant access to all the best Ares Project builds and add-ons.

The coding collective known as Wookie seems to be on the decline after the death of one of its founding members, Wookie L. However, the Wookie Facebook group is still a good place to turn for Kodi help and some of Wookie’s unofficial “community” builds are actually quite good.

underdog wizards
In addition to Underdog’s own wizard, Underdog wizard’s page features wizards from Ares Project and Wookie. Source: Flixed.io

Comes with an awesome add-on called Nemesis

Nemesis might soon become one of the most popular indie video add-ons around. Kodi fans on Twitter have been talking about Nemesis since it debuted a few weeks back.

One indie Kodi build maker has called Nemesis’s creator an “add-on god.” Source: Twitter

With sections for movies, TV shows, music, audio books and more Nemesis can pretty much do it all.

Nemesis addon
Nemesis is a brand new add-on from @Nemzzy668

An apps menu for Android smartphones

Via the the menu page depicted below, you can quickly and easily download and install Mobdro, Terrarium TV and other popular Android apps that you won’t find in the app store.

underdog apps
Mobdro and Terrarium TV are both featured on this Underdog menu page. Source: Flixed.io

The sports menu is not so great

For some reason, Underdog doesn’t have our two favorite sports add-ons: Pro Sport and Sportie. It does link to several other add-ons with sports menus, though.

sports underdog
Underdog’s sports page would be a lot better if it linked to Sportie and Pro Sport. Source: Flixed.io

The Live TV section needs an update, too

Underdog’s live TV page looks cool, but it has an old FilmOn add-on that hasn’t worked in ages. The creators of Underdog should have put in a newer FilmOn add-on called FilmOn Simple instead.

Live tv underdog
Underdog’s bold color scheme, nice looking fonts and interesting backgrounds are easy on the eyes. Source: Flixed.io

Watch an Underdog demonstration video

Check out this demonstration video from Kodiapps to get a better idea of what the Underdog interface looks like.

How to install Underdog

To get Underdog, jump over to the Underverse website and download the Underverse wizard installation file: plugin.program.Underversewizard.zip.

Contact @und3rverse or @underdogbuild on Twitter if you need help or if you want to request additional features.


If I had to describe Durex in one word, I would choose: integrated. Durex’s TV guide, add-on search tool and sport widgets help you get the most out of your Kodi add-ons.

Integrated TV guide

Durex relies on a popular but somewhat complex cable TV style menu called iVUE. iVUE does a good job of showing you what’s currently on TV. But because you have to configure each channel individually by hooking it up to an add-on that contains the appropriate live feed, it’s somewhat of a hassle to set up.

Interface links into Pro Sport

Durex links into one of our favorite sports add-ons: Pro Sport. Widgets link directly to all the best content areas of Pro Sport.

Search multiple add-ons

You can use the Metalliq button to pick out a specific database you want to query and find out which of your Kodi add-ons has the content you want to see.

metalliq durex
Metalliq looks through all your Kodi add-ons at once. Source: Flixed.io

63 video add-ons

Durex has several popular video add-ons that we’ve covered here on Flixed.io: Wolfpack, StreamHub, Falcon, Bennu, Bob, Bobby’s Cartoons, cCloud TV, Covenant, DramaGo, Duckpool, Elysium, Goodfellas, MetalliqPro Sport, Sportie and SportsDevil.

It also has:

Project M, Not Sure, Durex TV, Poseidon, DexterTV, Now Music, Now Music USA, M-TV Guide, The Players’ Club, AmerikanoTuga, GearsTV, Over the Top TV, Stream Army, AdryanList, Binky TV, Cartoons8, Flawless TV, FilmOn.TV, JukeboxHero, Limitless IPTV, Made in Canada IPTV, Maverick TV, News 12: Free, NFL Game Pass, Planet MMA, Project D, Quantum, SmoothStreams.tv, SportsAccess, Super Cartoons, The DeLorean, The Pyramid, The Music Source, ToonMania, UK Turk Playlists, WatchCartoonsOnline, Wrestling On Demand and more.

durex addons
Durex’s add-on list is quite long. Source: Flixed.io

Watch a Durex demonstration video

This Durex walk-through video from Kodiapps came out back in July, but Durex’s interface hasn’t changed much since then.

How to install Durex

To get Durex, jump over to the Durex website and download the Durex wizard installation file: Durex_wizard.zip.

Contact @durex_build on Twitter if you need help or if you want to request additional features.


Megalithic is a bit bloated and it sometimes crashes. However, if you have kids running around your house you may want to try it out for its preconfigured, built-in parental control system. To get past security, use this pin code: 7173.

70 video add-ons

Megalithic has these well-known video add-ons: Wolfpack, StreamHub, Falcon, Bennu, Bob, Covenant, ElysiumCastawayPro Sport and SportsDevil.

It also has: StreamZ TV, Project Cypher, Nemesis, Now Music, Pulse Jukebox, Live Premiership, The Players Klub, Fishermans Cove, Star Tec, Brett’s Retro TV, Real Movies, Ares MotorSports, Motor Replays, BBC iPlayer, Boom, Champion Sports, CreativeMinds, DandyMedia Boxsts, DC Sports, Death Streams, Deliverance, DocumentaryTube, Empflix, Fantasti.cc, Fishing Tube, Freeview, History Tube, Hoot Loop, Hunt Channel, I Am Groot, Indie Mix, ITV, Made in Canada IPTV, Maverick TV, NFL Game Pass, Pin Sentry, Planet MMA, Renegade’s Darts, SportsMania, StudioBeats, The DeLorean, The Pyramid, The Music Source, UK Turk Playlists, UKTV Play, Wrestling On Demand, YouTube and more.

megalithic addons
Megalithic has quite a few obscure add-ons that we’ve never seen before. Source: Flixed.io

Some menus and buttons are out-of-date

One button I found on a Megalithic main menu page linked to a Phoenix menu. Phoenix shut down months ago over legal concerns.

megalithic error
The fact that one of the main menu buttons linked to a long dead add-on is a clue that Megalithic is probably in need of a clean-up. Source: Flixed.io

Kid-proof content filters

I’ve seen a few other builds that come with PinSentry pre-installed, but so far Megalithic is the only build I’ve seen that you have to actually unlock to use. As mentioned above, Megalithic’s default PinSentry code is 7173.

Megalithic pin code
If you run into any PinSentry blocks while using Megalithic, enter in 7173. Source: Flixed.io

Frequent crashes

I ran into several annoying errors while using Megalithic. An error that occurred while downloading Megalithic caused me to have to re-download it. After I installed Megalithic, it crashed several times.

Watch a Megalithic demonstration video

Here’s a short Megalithic interface walkthrough from Kodiapps.

How to install Megalithic

To get Megalithic, jump over to the Bullzeye Builds website and download the Bullzeye wizard installation file: Bullys.Wizard.zip.

Join the Bullzeye Builds Facebook group if you need help or if you want to request additional features.

Which Build Is the Best?

My personal favorite build this month was Underdog. Even though I use Kodi on a Macbook, I was impressed by the fact that Underdog allows you to easily install apps that you’ll never find via Google Play. I also liked its smooth interface and good looking menu pages.

If you run Kodi on Android…

Underdog is definitely the build to get if you use Kodi with Nvidia Shield or on an Android powered smart TV. It was the only build of the 3 that was designed with Android in mind.

If you have kids…

Though Megalithic isn’t the best looking or smoothest running build I’ve seen, it generally seems to work pretty well overall. The fact that it comes with PinSentry pre-installed and pre-configured is a big plus.

If you’re a sports fan…

Durex is a very solid build that has tons of good add-ons and seems very well put together. Its handy Pro Sport widgets make it easy to scour Reddit for live links before the big game.