UPDATE: For the latest Kodi build news, check out our June 2017 Best Kodi Builds Roundup.

Hello and welcome to the May 2017 edition of our monthly Kodi build roundup!  Last month, we tried out several of our favorite builds in Kodi Krypton.  Most of them looked pretty good.  However, the Krypton edition of our favorite build CellarDoor was still in development.

Now that a Krypton compatible version of CellarDoor is finally out and racking up great feedback all over the web, it’s time to take an in-depth look at some of its new menus and features.  Keep reading for a full review of the latest version of CellarDoor and step-by-step installation instructions.

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Before we Proceed

We highly recommend using a VPN when using Kodi. Kodi users have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV shows through various addons. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is IPVanish - a complete privacy solution for Kodi users. It's also worth noting that purchasing a 12 month subscription will give you two months free.

IPVanish and Kodi

Testing methodology

Before I tested out CellarDoor, I first deleted Kodi.  Then, I reinstalled it so that I could start over from scratch.  Finally, I installed CellarDoor using the steps outlined below.

Note: I used a mid-2012 Macbook Pro running a Bootcamp installation of Windows 10 to test out CellarDoor Krypton.  Performance/results may vary depending on your Kodi hardware.

What’s so great about CellarDoor TV?

CellarDoor builds are slick looking and put together in an intelligent way by a team that obviously know the Kodi community inside and out.  CellarDoor builds have all the best addons, yet they usually aren’t very big at all.

In particular, we liked the way that the Jarvis version of CellarDoor interface integrated Internet Movie Database (IMDb) data.  If you weren’t sure what you wanted to watch, you could use the CellarDoor interface to check out the plot summaries, actors and other useful info.

This is what the previous version of CellarDoor looked like:

What does CellarDoor for Krypton look like? 

The new Krypton edition of CellarDoor looks even better than the Jarvis version.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the most exciting visual features and UI improvements.

Animated windows

The new CellarDoor features a ton of new window animations.  Now when you click a movie or TV show, the movie database info comes bouncing onto the screen.  The overall effect is similar to what Ubuntu Linux looks like when you turn all of the animations on.

A screenshot of the movie details page on CellarDoor TV Krypton.
A screenshot of the movie details page on CellarDoor TV Krypton.

Though the window animations don’t add to the build’s functionality, they do look nice.  Also, they didn’t slow down my Kodi when I tried this build out on my aging Macbook Pro.

Choose your stream source

If you’re familiar with Kodi 3rd party video addons, you’ll probably notice some familiar icons if you look closely at the screenshot listed above.  If a movie or TV show stream appears in multiple different addons, it’ll appear as an option if you click a movie or TV show widget.  This allows you to quickly jump to the next addon if you can’t find a working stream.

New background styles

The default CellarDoor TV background is grey, but when you hover over content it changes.

Previous version of CellarDoor had also integrated promotional artwork into the user interface, but the latest design looks even better and seems even more fluid.

A screenshot of the new wallpaper style on CellarDoor TV Krypton.
A screenshot of the new wallpaper style on CellarDoor TV Krypton.

Reviews and plot information

I love the way that CellarDoor allows you to easily pull up all the text when you want to read a long plot summary.  Some builds that scrape movie database data cut out text if it’s too long to fit inside a window, or they force you to use awkward arrow buttons to scroll through multiple pages.

A screenshot of the plot overview window on CellarDoor TV Krypton.
A screenshot of the plot overview window on CellarDoor TV Krypton.

On CellarDoor, all you have to do to is click the text if you want to read more.  This brings up a huge window that allows you to continue reading.  Once you’re finished, all you have to do is click the X icon and go back to what you were doing.

Simplified menus

With the Krypton edition of CellarDoor, you get 8 menus: Movies, TV Shows, Kidszone, Music, Apps, System, TV Pro and Sports.  That’s really all you need if all you want to do is watch TV shows and movies.  But if you want to design your own menu system in CellarDoor, you can.

Oversized art for the kids

Clicking the kidszone main menu bar takes you to a nice looking scrollable menu that features oversized movie art.

A screenshot of the kidszone movies menu on CellarDoor TV Krypton.
A screenshot of the kidszone movies menu on CellarDoor TV Krypton.

In order to make things as simple as possible for kids, the designers of the build took the movie database section out of the kidszone interface.


As mentioned above, CellarDoor features an array of powerful customization features.  You can easily add, delete or change any item on the menu.

A screenshot of the CellarDoor TV Krypton customization menu.
A screenshot of the CellarDoor TV Krypton customization menu.

Other builds do allow you to change menus around, but few come with as many powerful customization features as CellarDoor.

Here are a few other things you can change via CellarDoor’s settings menu:

  • Enable/disable auto-scrolling
  • Remove floor graphics
  • Enable/disable widgets
  • Switch to a simplified view
  • Switch to one of several preconfigured skins
  • Change colors and fonts
  • Zoom in or out

Cellardoor TV’s eight default menus

CellarDoor comes with eight main menus.  Let’s take a look at each one to find out what they look like and what they can do.


If you click on the navigation bar where it says movies, you’ll be taken to a stylish looking movies page that features thumbnails and plot info about various popular movies.  Otherwise, you can use the widgets to scroll the titles.

A screenshot of the movies main menu page on CellarDoor TV Krypton.
A screenshot of the movies main menu page on CellarDoor TV Krypton.

TV Shows

The TV Shows page is a lot like the movies page, only it gives you even more info.  Clicking a TV title brings up an info screen that links out to all its past seasons.  The overall experience is comparable to browsing the TV show section of Netflix.

If you click on the menu bar where it says TV shows, you’ll be able to browse a thumbnails of various popular shows.

A screenshot of the TV shows main menu page on CellarDoor TV Krypton.
A screenshot of the TV shows main menu page on CellarDoor TV Krypton.


As noted above, movies on the Kidszone page do not link into the movie database.  Clicking one of the movies here will take you straight to the stream.  Though this setup might work pretty well for kids, it might not be ideal for adults who want to read the storyline first to see if its appropriate or not.  You can, however, view rating information if you click on the menu bar where it says kidszone.

A screenshot of the Kidszone main menu page on CellarDoor TV Krypton.
A screenshot of the Kidszone main menu page on CellarDoor TV Krypton.


This page might come in handy if you’re hosting a party and you’re not sure what kind of music to play.  Clicking the navigation bar takes you to a menu that allows you to setup a “party mode” playlist that will pick out songs to play automatically based on whatever rules or criteria you create.

Clicking one of the widgets takes you to a list of music.  If you click one of the songs, CellarDoor will look for it online via YouTube.

A screenshot of the music main menu page on CellarDoor TV Krypton.
A screenshot of the music main menu page on CellarDoor TV Krypton.


This page allows you to quickly take care of or schedule basic Kodi maintenance tasks.  You can also open the CellarDoor wizard from here and switch to a different CellarDoor build.  Clicking where it says apps brings up a list of all the addons on your system.

A screenshot of the apps main menu page on CellarDoor TV Krypton.
A screenshot of the apps main menu page on CellarDoor TV Krypton.



This page allows you to check the weather or jump over to your settings menu to make tweaks and adjustments.

A screenshot of the system main menu page on CellarDoor TV Krypton.
A screenshot of the system main menu page on CellarDoor TV Krypton.

TV Pro

If you’re looking for IPTV streams, this is the page you should use.  Clicking where it says TV Pro takes you to a simple text menu that allows you to browse thousands of different IPTV links and lists.

To find out more about how to get live TV streams, read: Best IPTV Addons for Kodi – Watch IPTV on Kodi 2017

A screenshot of the TV pro main menu page on CellarDoor TV Krypton.
A screenshot of the TV pro main menu page on CellarDoor TV Krypton.


This page has widgets for all our favorite sports addons.  Pro Sport is there, as is SportsDevil, Castaway and more.

A screenshot of the sports main menu page on CellarDoor TV Krypton.
A screenshot of the sports main menu page on CellarDoor TV Krypton.

Notable addons included with CellarDoor

  • Bob, Specto and Exodus.  When it comes to movie addons, these three can’t be beat.  Exodus is perhaps the most well known of the bunch.  Specto and Bob are basically Exodus clones that use different lists of stream sources.
  • Pro Sport.  Pro Sport is by far the best live sports addon out there.  One of its best features is its ability to filter through Reddit and pull out links to streams.
  • Metalliq.  Metalliq is sort of an addon for addons.  If you have lots of addons on your system, Metalliq can search through all of them and look for links to streams.

How to install CellarDoor

Though you can use Ares Wizard to download and install CellarDoor, we recommend that you use the CellarDoor wizard instead.  The wizard gives you more installation options.  Also, you don’t have to authenticate via a PIN code to download CellarDoor if you use the CellarDoor wizard.

In order to get the CellarDoor TV wizard, first visit http://cellardoortv.com/wizard/ and download the installation file plugin.program.CellarDoorTVwizard.zip.  Then, open the file inside of Kodi via the addons menu via the install from zip file menu option.  After the installation is complete, the wizard will appear in your Kodi under the programs section of your addons menu.

For those that are new to Kodi, here is a detailed step-by-step CellarDoor TV installation guide:

  1. Open up a web browser, visit http://cellardoortv.com/wizard/ and download the installation file plugin.program.CellarDoorTVwizard.zip.  It doesn’t matter where you save the file on your device, as long as you remember where it is.
  2. The box icon is the icon on the far left.
    The box icon is the icon on the far left.

    Close your browser and open up Kodi.  Then, click addons from the menu on the left.  You should now see the box icon on the top left side of the screen.  Click the box icon and then proceed to step 3.

  3. Click install from zip file from the menu, then navigate to wherever you saved the installation file (plugin.program.CellarDoorTVwizard.zip).
  4. After the installation of the CellarDoor wizard is complete, open the wizard up.  Then, select [17.1] infusion – krypton [version] from the menu.
  5. After the wizard is finished installing CellarDoor, it’ll automatically shut down Kodi.  The next time you open Kodi, you’ll be in CellarDoor.

Accessing blocked stream sources

If many of the links to movies and TV shows you click while using CellarDoor don’t work, your ISP could be to blame.

Some ISPs place blocks on various sites that host streaming content.  For example, you won’t be able to access any streams from the popular site known as Solar Movie if you live in the UK.

To gain access to everything this awesome build has to offer, you may want to consider installing a VPN.  You can use a VPN to avoid blocks that your ISP has placed on various sites around the web.

Here are some articles that can help you learn how to install a VPN on various Kodi compatible devices:

  • SmugLex

    Hi, I know it has a option of hiding watched shows but what can you change to make it tick watched shows like other builds. Other than that this build is just perfect.

    • Alex M.

      Hi Arthur,
      Which addon are you using to watch shows? Cellar Door has a ton of different video addons.

    • True, the default movie/TV addon doesn’t have a tick box feature. But I think Exodus does, and CellarDoor has a working copy of Exodus that you can browse to by clicking “apps” on the apps menu.

      • SmugLex

        Thanks for the heads up

  • Christopher T Lazauskas

    Does this build come with video devil as well ?

    • Alex M.

      Hi Chris. I think the addon you mean to ask about is Sports Devil. Yes, Cellar Door has it.

    • Yes, it does. You can browse to it by clicking on “apps” in the apps section

  • Shawn Donnelly

    Does this come with a live tv guide?

    • Alex Munkachy

      Unfortunately I can’t answer that because CellarDoor is actually down right now. Apparently some hackers are attacking Ares Project with a denial of service attack: https://ares-project.uk/threads/urgent-notice.33618/#_=_ and they are in the process of moving over to a new host. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens…

    • Hi Shawn. Yes, CDTV has iVUE TV Guide. You can find it under the “TV Pro” menu

      • Shawn Donnelly

        Hey, thanks so much for taking the time to reply. So I installed CDTV and the first time I go into tvpro, it asks me for a username and password. Then when I click out of that and select the guide it shows no program available for all channels. Do I have to sign up for something or is there something else I need to do to get the guide to work? I tried to install the guide in another build I installed before CDTV and couldn’t get it to work. I’d REALLY like to have a working tv guide for kodi. Thanks, again.

        • Hi Shawn, I also get a login prompt when I click on TV Pro. I”m not sure what the login is for, but maybe it’s a new feature that’s under construction. However, I am able to bring up the TV guide. To get the TV guide, you have to click in the submenu of TV Pro. You can get to the submenu by pressing the down button on your keyboard or on your remote once you’re on the TV Pro menu.

          • Shawn Donnelly

            Thanks so much for getting back to me again! The login prompt is actually for something called “Hypersonic IPTV” service…it’s a premium IPTV subscription that the people behind Cellardoor tv offer. However, upon trying to reach their facebook group page, all I get is a ‘this group or page no longer exists.’ I didn’t try emailing the gmail address for a trial because you can still easily use the tvpro + guide to watch iptv for free with the other addons. Do you know what pvr tv is all about? All I understand is that you need some sort of tuner that hooks up to your PC, but I’m not sure beyond that point. Thanks again for taking the time, Alex. 🙂

          • AlexMunkachy

            Hi Shawn, here’s how to disable Hypersonic IPTV and get rid of that annoying login thing:
            Go to the apps main menu page and click apps.
            Click the addons browser button.
            Click my addons.
            Click all.
            Scroll down to Hypersonic IPTV, then click it.
            Select disable
            The pvr TV is similar to iVUE, only it uses IPTV streams instead of live TV addons for content. The CellarDoor dev has a setup video for it, which you can view here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=cuSQtO-xLgw&app=desktop#

  • Marsh

    Thanks. This is very helpful. With a little bit of difficulty, I followed your instructions & successfully installed CDTV. It’s very impressive.

    But I have two minor questions about the build, and I’m not sure this is the right place to ask them. So I’ll ask them, and if this is the wrong place, someone please direct me to the right one.

    1. The build seems aimed at computer users. In particular, some windows seem designed to be closed only by clicking the “X” in the upper right corner. I’m using an Amazon Fire TV, and so far I’ve not found any way to navigate to the X. Is there a way users of this 7-button remote can use the “X” to close a window?

    2. Openweathermap is the default weather app, but I also tried this with the wunderground app. I live in a small town, with the nearest large city over 30 miles away. Because the town is near the ocean, its weather can be rather different from that of the city. I’m able to get both weather apps to find the town and include it in their configuration. But CDTV does not show its weather. For a while I had Brooklyn, NY as the second location in the location list and set Openweathermap as the default weather app, then CDTV showed the current weather in Brooklyn, even though my town was listed first. If the configuration has only one choice, CDTV either shows grossly wrong weather (32 F in August!) or just says it’s busy.

    There’s a possibility the problem lies with the apps, but since CDTV exhibits the identical misbehavior with either of them, it seems best to start with CDTV.

    • Hi Marsh,

      Question #1: It’s true that CellarDoor’s interface seems to be built with cursors in mind, but here’s a video that shows you how how to install a cursor for Amazon Fire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSzvQ8evZu0. The directions say you need ES file explorer, and CellarDoor has it pre-installed. You can find it on the system menu page.

      Question #2: If you want to change your weather service, you can do that by clicking on SYSTEM. From there you can go to services and change the weather provider.

  • Norman gazy

    I have just installed cellardoor why am i getting sound but no picture?

    • Hi Norman, that seems like an odd error. Which type of device do you use to watch Kodi? You may want to try uninstalling/reinstalling Kodi first before you install CDTV if you haven’t already.

  • incog99

    Cellardoor will not work on Krypton 17.4. I reverted to Pulse until they get it fixed. Everyone is saying put up Krypton 17.3 and do not allow Google Play to auto update it or it will stop working again.

    • incog99

      My device is the Nvdia Sheild Pro and nothing would play on 17.4

      • Thanks for the heads up, I’ll mention the problem with 17.4 in our next builds roundup.