As a low-cost cable alternative, AT&T WatchTV is certainly appealing. But what is the cost of AT&T WatchTV in 2020? Are there any add-ons that may jack up the price? Has its price ever been raised? Find out answers to all of these questions and more below. 

How Much Does AT&T WatchTV Cost?

Currently, AT&T WatchTV costs $15/month. This makes it the least expensive internet TV service available, by far. The nearest competitor is Philo, which includes quite a few more channels and features, but costs $20/month. 

However, AT&T WatchTV is cheap for a few reasons. Its features are fairly limited. You can only stream on a single device at once, and there is no DVR, so you can’t record shows. It also doesn’t support Roku yet, which could be a dealbreaker for a few cord-cutters.

When Was the Last Time AT&T WatchTV Raised Its Prices? 

AT&T WatchTV is one of the latest entrants into the world of streaming TV. It was launched in mid-July 2018, so it has not had a lot of time to hike its prices. Because of that, there has not yet been a price increase for AT&T WatchTV.

However, we would not be surprised if there was one soon, given that Philo, the closest AT&T WatchTV competitor, recently dropped its lowest-priced package. Or, AT&T WatchTV may even be rolled into a new streaming service in the near future, to go alongside the still-unnamed WarnerMedia streaming service.

Does AT&T WatchTV Have Any Paid Add-Ons?

There is no way to add any extra features to AT&T WatchTV, such as a DVR or simultaneous streaming upgrade. However, the service does have some paid add-ons for premium channels like Cinemax, Showtime, Starz and HBO, so you can get some premium content for an additional fee, but it’s totally optional. 

Does AT&T WatchTV Have Extra Hidden Fees?

There are no extra fees or hidden costs for AT&T WatchTV, which means you’ll only pay your subscription fee, and any applicable taxes in your state. There are no equipment fees, early cancellation costs or other such hidden costs to surprise you, which is one of the best things about subscribing to AT&T WatchTV and similar “internet TV” services, compared to traditional cable and satellite services.

Does AT&T WatchTV Offer a Free Trial for New Users?

Yes. If you would like to try AT&T WatchTV out for yourself, you can do so for free. Just head to its website to get set up. You’ll need a valid credit card to get your free trial, but you won’t be charged until your free trial period of 7 days is over, so you can just make sure you cancel before then. Give it a shot now, and see if this low-cost streaming service is right for you.

Eric Liston is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast based in Ohio, specializing in internet security, cord-cutting, and more.